We have a Burmin cat who will be 16 in may 2016 he was having problems with cat cystitis he was getting quite distressed he is also dietetic he has to have fresh water at all times and regular meals. Emma suggested we replace his water with silver water within a few weeks he was so much better. the length of times between his cystitis attacks stated to get longer and not lasting so long he hasn't had one for at least 4 weeks. I also have a 16 year old dog who was also needing to pass urine a lot and having accidents round the home she is also much better and has put weight back on. I dilute the silver water with half tap water for them daily. thank you Emma. Jill Siggers, Coventry.

May 2016 


I always purchase my colloidal silver from Emma as it is the best quality at a great price.  I would never be without it as I use it on my both myself and pets regularly. I am plagued with ear infections but using this daily really helps. My cat Suzy gets pink eye and it clears up within a couple of days of applying colloidal silver.

Really good for skin problems. Highly recommend!
Elizabeth from Caithness
January 2015
My husband and I first discovered Colloidal Silver from web research years ago, as we desperately sought relief for his stubborn chest infection/bronchitis which lasted for weeks and just got worse and worse.  The doctor’s advice had been: “I could prescribe anti-biotics, but they won’t help you!”  Thankfully, the Colloidal Silver that we bought did the job, but it was expensive.

Then we discovered Emma’s website with her excellent pages of research, and her most welcome prices for considerably larger bottles of Colloidal Silver than we had previously been able to afford!  This allowed us the luxury of being able to treat our whole family with CS upon the first signs of a cough, flu, a tonsillitis bout…eye infection, cystitis…

Over the years, I have used Emma’s CS upon our newborn baby when he had a cold, with marvellous results (I dislike the ingredients of Calpol, my kids have always rejected the taste, and CS can so easily be mixed with a little juice to disguise the slight taste difference to regular water, so no need to turn to chemical nasties.)

Since we have been buying Colloidal Silver regularly, former problems of stubborn infection have lifted.  In a matter of days one can feel the lightening of the load on the body.  I have suffered with candidiasis in the past, did the full diet/die off for 3 1/2 years and got it back under control – nowadays, if I suffer candida symptoms from occasional overindulgence of sugars/yeast, the CS sorts it out within a day.  I’ve also used the CS upon a cotton swab for rare bouts of eczema, and it brings relief.

So we are so very grateful to Emma for providing firstly, an affordable supply of CS, secondly, an efficient and prompt service, which you really want when you’re ill! And thirdly, a very generous, caring, and friendly attitude towards customers – the spray bottle is such a lovely idea for travelling, and I believe should be part of anyone’s emergency travel kit, along with tea-tree oil and cider vinegar!
Thank you, Emma – you’re doing such a valuable service, and you deserve every blessing in your work.  Long may you continue!

With best wishes to all,
Nicola Wendrich, South Wales.   
November 2014


I would highly recommend Emma for helpfulness and promptness of service, with friendly emails when required. She has gone out of her way whenever I’ve contacted her, and I have already recommended friends, who have already recommended her to their friends. In particular a horse owner with a non-healing wound in London, heard from her sister in Bournemouth, who had heard from me in Dorset, and by now, no doubt, has a healing horse. Neither of these had heard of Colloidal Silver, so talk about it! I buy mine from Emma because she charges realistic prices for a good product, and as a result I tend to use more because I’m not so worried about how much it is costing to use. I use it as a throat and nasal spray as a preventative measure when I go into hospitals or care homes, as I have an immune problem. For the same reason I swallow it instead of antibiotics whenever I get a sinus or throat infection, and this saves me from the digestive side-effects from the chemical antibiotics. I use it if I get scratched by my pet, or anyone else’s, and no inflammation occurs. In extremis, I’ve used it as a antibacterial hand wash, again, near hospitals and clinics if there’s no gel available. I’ve even used it if I’ve eaten something dodgy to recover from the aftermath more quickly. Emma’s Colloidal Silver has already gone to Spain too, for my friend and her husband and dogs!

Fran from Dorset


Emma's Barf Diet has been a great help. Full of lots of different thing to feed your dog so they have a varied and balanced meal. It takes the hassle out of organising what they are going to eat all week. I must say the dogs are loving the diet and are full of energy. Give it a go, i would recommend it. Thanks Emma. Emma's colloidal Silver has been a god send. I used it on my bitch after having her spayed and it kept the wound infection free and it healed within the week. It sorted out my cats infection on his face after a cat fight and i use it for any minor or majors wounds and i  know it's gone stop any infection developing. I was lost without it last week when my husband kept lending it out to his friends. I told them to go buy their own lol. Emma helped me a great deal when my bitch Phoebe needed to take Ester- C, Glucosamine  and vitamin E tablets. She worked out the correct dose for my bitch and she did seem to improve while on them.

 Andrea xxx


I am now the proud owner of my third American Bulldog in a very short period of time, so I would not consider myself an expert with regard to the breed.

I have been very fortunate in discovering, through the American Bulldog UK website, Emma Siggers (aka: Ripley-Wrinkles).

Emma is very approachable. No question is too obvious; she answers all my queries promptly, and with a huge amount of common-sense.

I believe that her own experiences, with her AB, and her obviously detailed research, combine to make her a fantastic resource with regard to: raw diets; supplements; dog health issues  -  especially joint-related problems; and all-round reassurance for concerned owners.

Emma is always the first person I seek advice from; I’m very grateful to her, and have no hesitation in recommending her services to any dog owner.

 David Toresen

23rd April 2008

100% Happy (me and the dog)


I fed my dog dry complete mix since he was a pup, he was growing well and the vet said he was healthy but his rear end use to stink of fish and he was getting really board with his food by 4 months, I had heard about giving the dog raw food and bones, a friend who had a sick dog told me about it, I read a book she gave me that told me the pros and cons and then asked a few people on the American Bulldog UK website and ended up getting really helpful and easy to follow advice and a food sheet from Emma aka Ripley, since then his coat has been shiny he is a lot more relaxed his rear end doesn't stink of fish and his droppings are a lot more solid instead of wet one day and dry the next also he doesn't drink a bath of water everyday, I have never looked back , tell a lie I gave my dog a bowl of dried food one morning at my girlfriends house and by dinner time his rear was back to its old fishy self.
Raw Food And Bones is all he gets now.

Thanks Emma,

Sean & Deefa


Hey emma,
Just wanted to say the colloidal silver seems to be helping quite a bit. Ive noticed im definately not as tired anymore. Thanks for your advice. How long do you think it would take to totally get rid of the candida? I will definately be buying some more from you, so yeah the cheaper the better lol. I have also been using it for other things and it really works so well. I dont know why everyone doesnt use it.
Thank you so much for your help.



Hi Emma,

Colloidal silver works excellent - it has cured my wife's sinus in 3 days and my liver in 2 days... Probably the lobbying of medicinal drug factories is behind of this too. They still want to sell their mineral oil based medicines (instead of "medicines" I would use the term "symptoms suppressing chemicals", because they don't heal you) as it means many thousands of percents of profit for them... If there was one officially acknowledged "miracle drug" that can be produced at home (let's say colloidal silver), then what would drugs companies live on?
I think that with healthy living, exercises, vitamin "megadoses", herbs and herbs oils, bud oils, acupuncture etc. we can avoid most of the illnesses and can recover from most of the illnesses. (Hospitals and drugs are efficient when you have a car accident and you need a surgery.)


Hi Emma,

I think it's brilliant and will be buying some more as soon as I can!

Thankyou very much for emailing!


Superb service, superb product highly recommended

 (eBay feedback)


 Speedy Delivery. BRILLIANT product! Even helping my dogs tooth infection!

  (eBay feedback)


Dear Emma,

Your colloidal silver cleared up my kidney infection in 5 days, I'm so glad I found it as I have been on three courses of antibiotics and they didn't work. I used it on my cats eye infection too and it worked! Thanks again and I will definitely be buying some more.


 I have just placed my second order as the silver water is so amazing. I have been using it to treat my red setter who has calsinosis and is suffering terribly due to itching. The vet couldn't give me anything that would help but your silver water has done the job. Thank you so much for relieving my beautiful setter of his burning itch. His red inflamed skin is now calm and comfortable.. With this being a long term problem I am using it all over and twice daily. I also used it on my own eczema and was surprised by the relief it brought. I am a definite convert to the use of silver water and would recommend it to anyone.

Lin B - August 2017

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