The advice I give is just what I would do if it were myself or my dog, so please do not let it replace any advice you have been given from your vet or GP.

If you are buying an American Bulldog puppy then I would advise that you make sure BOTH of the parents have a hip and elbow score under 20, otherwise your pup may have problems when they are older.

Our dogs were registered with:

  • RTK JOEBRA (Ruff and Tumble Kennels Johnson Old English Bulldog Registry & Archives) UK (Ripley only)
  • ABA (American Bulldog Association) USA
  • NKC (National Kennel Club) USA​
  • ABRA (American Bulldog Registry and Archives) CANADA

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Emma, Mark  & Family

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Please note that we do not breed American Bulldogs any more, I keep this website running to help others with their dog's diet and any health and behavioural problems they may have.

We purchased our first American Bulldog, Ripley in February 2003. I can honestly say that she is the best dog I have ever owned. Ripley was such a pleasure to have, good with the children and an excellent guard dog; American Bulldogs are in a league of their own when it comes to personality.

Ripley and Clyde (Grant of Topnotch, from BraveHeart Kennels) had a litter of pups in 2005 of which we kept Bubba, a large excellent male with one striking blue eye. 


Unfortunately Bubba was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, but we took it a blessing in disguise as we researched into the disease rather than taking the advice of two vets and having him put to sleep. 

​Due to our research on hip dysplasia and the raw feeding diet, Bubba didn't suffer and was such an excellent dog; he was a real head turner and could run for miles and not ache upon waking. On top of his raw diet with supplements, Bubba also had hydrotherapy and was swam in a swimming pool for 20 minutes once a week. 

Bubba left us peacefully in January 2011 and Ripley in December 2014; we miss them very much, even now. 

In April 2014 we rescued Stanley, a fantastic 11 month old American Bulldog. He's a bit loopy and fits right in! He's a welcome addition to our family.

We owe it to Ripley and Bubba for the knowledge they have given us into natural diets and cures. This isn't just for the dogs, this helps the whole family with better lifestyle choices, from the removal of the fluoride in the tap water to the production of Colloidal Silver, and also sourcing the best products at the best prices that WORK for your pets ears, and therefore saving you a fortune on unnecessary vets bills.