We test every batch of Colloidal Silver we make with a Hanna PWT Meter to make sure that the water quality is excellent and the finished product is 10ppm. We are unique to other producers of colliodal silver as we only ever use bottled mineral water. This then gets steam distilled before we make the colloidal silver with 99.999% pure silver rods. That way we know we are making the highest quality Colloidal Silver. We purchased our CS generator from www.silvergen.com as they are meant to be one of the best in the world.
We discovered the healing powers of Colloidal Silver over 10 years ago whilst researching into our dogs skin problems, we have sworn by it ever since.

Hi Emma,
Thanks for your email.  Store in HDPE, PET plastic vessels or glass.   It's an old wife's tale that it needs to be stored in colored vessels.  It is not light sensitive when properly made.  Neither is it affected by normal temperature variations or magnetic influences.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards,
Trem Williams


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10ppm Colloidal Silver

I hope you find Colloidal Silver helpful in whatever you choose to use it for. I recommend it for internal and external use as it is non toxic.

Since using Colloidal Silver my family and I have stopped buying….. after sun cream, antibacterial cream (Savlon etc), thrush treatments, sting/bite cream, sore throat sweets, antibiotics, athlete’s foot cream, eye drops, cold sore cream, mouthwash,  plant spray, goldfish remedies…. Etc etc … the list goes on. I have found its healing properties especially helpful on burns.
If you or your pet have an eye infection then it can be sprayed (or use a dropper) in the eye 3-4 times a day to help clear it. 
I have used this method on my dogs and their eyes were back to normal in three days; I also felt  it working on my own eye infection by the end of the day. If you have a fungal, bacterial or viral problem them colloidal silver can help.

We have been using colloidal silver for many years and will always be honest with what we find it helps with and what we don't. For example, many sellers recommend it for ear infections, we do not as water does not penetrate wax! However, it works wonders on burns and the scarring left is minimal. We have used colloidal silver for just about everything so if you would like some advice then please do get in touch.

Colloidal Silver should always be used secondary to the advice of your GP or vet.

Please note that these are products that I have found to benefit myself, my family/friends and my own dogs, and should no way deter you from carrying out your own research. Always seek advice in the first instance from your vet or GP.

​​Ripley ~ Wrinkles

Makers of Top Quality, Affordable Colloidal Silver & Distilled Water

Est. 2003

The all natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-biotic & anti-microbial catalyst.

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5 litres (sent via courier): £70*

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Colloidal silver is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-microbial catalyst. So if the problem is caused by yeast, fungus, bacteria or a virus then chances are it will help. It is also incredible at soothing burns and speeding up the skin healing process. It stops the itch of summer rashes and calms the skin.

Ripley~Wrinkles Colloidal Silver are transitioning to glass bottles with metal caps to be more environmentally friendly, all 500ml bottles are now glass, please bear with us whilst we source some 125ml glass spray bottles as well. Colloidal silver can sold in clear PET plastic bottles, please do not be fooled by people saying that it has to be stored in amber glass, this is not true. We kept some Colloidal Silver in an amber glass bottle and some in a PET clear plastic bottle and tested the water after 6 months; there was no change in either bottle and the same after 12 months.  You can always transfer the Colloidal Silver into your own glass container if you wish. Here is an email we received from the makers of the Silver Generator that I purchased when I asked them about storing the solution: